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📍 Blue Ocean Dive Resort, Umkomaas, South Africa
⚓ Aliwal Shoal: South Sands – Raggies – Pinnacles
⏱ 58 minutes
👓 10-15m
⇩ 18m
📅 July 2017
Pangea, by Professor Kliq (licensed under CC BY, sourced from Quik)
🎥 GoPro HERO5 Black, edited with Quik

It’s become pretty clear what my new favourite thing is. Unfortunately this little diving excursion down the coast ended with a dislocated knee and torn meniscus (not in any way diving-induced) which will keep me off my feet and out of the water for at least the next 6 months… major bummer. The diving that I did manage to do before I broke myself was obviously amazeballs though!

Here’s an extra little snippet at a zebra crossing…

TOP TIP: If you’re planning a dive trip to Aliwal Shoal, get in touch with Blue Ocean Dive Resort. The team is phenomenal and the pizza is life-changing!