Kuta Broke My Heart

This was not the introduction to Bali I’ve been imagining. I’d prepared myself for the culture shock of arriving in Indonesia via Kuta for the first time, but I could never have prepared myself for this level of heartbreak.

Snorkeling at Cocoon Maldives, May 2017

Lagoon Reef Snorkeling

The reef at the edge of Cocoon’s lagoon looked about half way to the horizon from my villa, maybe a little less. I went on a little snorkeling adventure to find out just how far away it really is…

Seaplane, Cocoon Maldives, May 2017

Seaplane Transfer

I’ve never been on a seaplane before, so this was most definitely the raddest way to kick off the best dream holiday. Welcome to the Maldives, where the pilots fly barefoot. Because island…