Travel Indonesia


Le Pirate for a Day

I could only afford one night at Le Pirate Boatel, but it was worth every overpriced cent. You don’t get much better than a dreamy oceanside bed that you can roll off into the big beautiful blue.

Gili Air – Sunrise Snorkel

I think turtles always look like they know something incredibly important that you don’t, like they have some ancient wisdom to share. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have in my opinion, just sharing a quiet moment floating in space.

Gili Meno – Nest

I woke up before sunrise and made my way through the darkness to the other side of the island in search of “Nest”. I was the only person there and it was an eerie, magical morning that I won’t soon forget.

Kuta Broke My Heart

This was not the introduction to Bali I’ve been imagining. I’d prepared myself for the culture shock of arriving in Indonesia via Kuta for the first time, but I could never have prepared myself for this level of heartbreak.