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? Cocoon Maldives, Ookolhufinolhu, Lhaviyani Atoll
⚓ Cocoon Giri
⏱ 53 minutes
? 25-30m
⇩ 22m
? May 2017
Maelstrom, by Khamsin (licensed under CC BY, sourced from Quik)
? GoPro Hero 5, edited with Quik

When I did my open water in March 2017, I had no idea that I was setting myself up for what has become the most surreal and exquisite addiction. In all honesty, my course was terrifying, and I thought I’d made a huge error in judgement, thinking that this could possibly be something I would dig.

As a result of exquisitely bad luck, my course fell the week after a cyclone off the coast, which resulted in the worst possible conditions for diving in Durban – zero visibility (I literally couldn’t see my own hand in front of my face) and horrid current for all three of my training dives. Not ideal for your first-ever dip in the ocean.

I had no idea prior to this escapade that I’m actually a little claustrophobic when I can’t see anything, because I’ve never been in that kind of situation before. Despite being pretty damn overwhelmed throughout my training, I got through it (because I’m stubborn as all hell). I figured I’d try it out one more time when I got to the Maldives and then be done with that silly idea. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This is a short glimpse into my first dive since doing that harrowing course; my first attempt at recording the event so excuse the shakes; and the first of three dives with Extreme Maldives during my dreamy solo retreat to Cocoon Maldives. I only realised half way through the dive that I was actually awake and it was all totally real. In contrast to my first experience of diving 2 months prior, it was surreal – but quite literal – perfection.

And now I’m obsessed.

You will have seen this little turtle dude in the dive log above. He flew so beautifully for me, so I thought he deserved an extended spotlight. #turtlepower