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? Quo Vadis Dive Resort, Moalboal, Philippines
⚓ Pescador Island (Double tank)
⏱ 57 & 56 minutes
? 25m
⇩ 30 & 20m
? June 2018
Oh Josephine, by Vienna Ditto (licensed under CC BY 2.0, sourced from Free Music Archive)
? GoPro HERO5 Black, edited with iMovie

The main reason why anyone goes to Moalboal is for the sardine run, but as incredible as that experience is (watch the video here), the best dive spot in my humble opinion is Pescador Island, which is a short 15 minute boat ride from Moalboal.

I did a double tank at this little rocky island off the west coast of Cebu, diving out of Quo Vadis Dive Resort with an exceptionally cool dive buddy, Lee. I’d met Lee very briefly in Malapascua the week before, and then she reappeared unexpectedly at the dive centre on this particular morning, which was a super cool surprise.

There was a typhoon in the Philippines, which landed pretty much the same time that I did in early June, and things hadn’t quite calmed down at sea yet, so I was actually considering cancelling my dives on this day. I knew that I still had loads of time to get in all the diving that I wanted to in Moalboal, but I couldn’t resist having a super cool buddy to adventure underwater with, and after 3 whole days on dry land, I was starting to get withdrawals anyway… hahaha, the obsession is clearly very real! As you can see, it didn’t matter what the weather was doing anyway – just LOOK at that viz!

We had two exquisite dives at Pescador Island. The abundant life, beautifully healthy corals and deep, endless walls, combined with excellent viz made for some exceptional diving, and it’s always an added bonus having a super cool buddy at your side.

The video is a collection of footage from those two dives, and aside from the obvious 87 bajillion fish that we saw, look out for the GIANT 30cm nudibranch (I didn’t realise that they got that big!), white leaf scorpionfish, and some awesomely-alien-looking jellies. AND!!! If you’re wondering what those kinda-too-far-away-to-really-make-out things are at the end of the video, that’s two cuttlefish mating! It’s not the greatest footage, but duuuuude, it’s two cuttlefish mating!! I couldn’t exclude it from my video log purely because I couldn’t contain my excitement and keep the camera still. I was too busy watching them with my own eyes and didn’t want to get too close and scare them away, so I basically just pointed my GoPro in that general direction and hoped for the best. Super rad sighting. I’m a lucky little mermaid.